The Winner of Excellent Achievement Prize

Published on: 2012-11-16
Wang Peihuan, the Winner of Excellent Achievement Prize
The 14th China Retail Industry Convention and 2012 China Retail Leadership Summit was held in Tianjin city from October 31 to November 2 with the theme of “Igniting the New Engine of Retail Growth”, inviting high level leaders in retail industry to talk about retail format development. 

At CCFA 15 Years Anniversary and prize giving banquet on Oct.31, Chairman Mr. Wang Peihuan was again the winner of Excellent Achievement Prize in China Retail Industry. It’s reported that Excellent Achievement Prize was designed to recognize individual entrepreneur that made great contribution to retail industry, this prestigious award is closely followed by insiders with its own authority and fairness. It was awarded every five years, and this is the third award. 

Meanwhile, Chairman Wang was elected again as the standing director of CCFA for the new leadership on November 1 at the 1st meeting of the 4th Session of Standing Council of CCFA. 

In addition, with well-chosen store managers from about 100 chain enterprises in China, there are two store managers was award winning, they are Director Ms Zhang Xiuxia from Jiajiayue Supermarket 2 and Regional Manager Ms Miao Ling from Jiajiayue Gao District.
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