TOP10 Chain Operation Companies

Published on: 2015-05-07
SPAR Guangdong Awards TOP 10 Chain Operation Companies
The 2015 Guangdong Chain Operation Industry Conference kicked off on 1st April at Guangdong Oriental Hotel. As the largest and most influential event in chain operation industry in South China regions, it announced the winners of the 19th Guangdong Excellent Store Competition. SPAR Guangdong awards the title of “Guangdong Top 10 Chain Operation Companies” for five years in a row since 2011.

Guangdong Chain Operation Association organizes various events to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of chain companies and retail stores, including top 10 chain companies, Guangdong excellent stores, growing chain brands, excellent shopping centers, expecting those winners to serve as models for improving service quality and brand presence, company strengthens and developing an harmonious consumption environment.
The assessment policy for those competitions is strict, it designed to review the participating companies’ achievements on sales growth, store development, public benefits, events marketing, as well as operation management. What’s more, “mystery customers” are arranged to investigate the stores and shopping experience, then to give their feedback and appraisal.

SPAR Guangdong has been devoted in improving local residents’ living quality and offering them quality products and considerable service in 23 years since its establishment, and won affection by shoppers. Today, SPAR Guangdong becomes one of the largest chain companies in Guangdong, it still upholds its original commitment; works hard to develop pleasant and comfortable shopping destination for shoppers. SPAR Guangdong deserves this award with its performances and achievements. This award also reflects the industry thinks highly of SPAR Guangdong, and shoppers consider and support SPAR Guangdong greatly.
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