Two More Stores Opened at SPAR Guangdong

Published on: 2012-12-27
Two More Stores Opened at SPAR Guangdong
As the year draws to the end, SPAR Guangdong is opening up even more stores at the last month of the year. Tingshan store opens at the day of 18th December with opening shows at the commercial circle and shopping plaza for visiting guests and customers. Huahui store, at Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong,opens at the day of 22nd December.
Tingshan store was located at the second floor of Tingshan District Economy Cooperation Business and Trade Center, Baiyue Commercial Circle. It is the first SPAR store opened in Houjie Town Area. Houjie is one of the national star towns of Dongguan City, now it marches on with the development of SPAR. Tianshan store has sales area of 13000 sqm, of which 6000 sqm for supermarket section, 7000sqm for department shops.

Huahui store was located at the busiest sector of Nangsha commercial circle with high traffics and top-class shoppers. The sales area of the store is 12000sqm, of which 9000sqm for supermarket section, 3000sqm for department shops, which is currently the largest shopping plaza at Nansha District. 

It is reported that, three more stores are prepared to open in the coming month.
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