Two new SPAR stores opening up in Shandong

Published on: 2020-09-21
In Shandong, the Partner Jiajiayue adds two new SPAR stores to its retail portfolio. SPAR Yangguang Xinlu Store (6,000sqm) and Shuijing Garden Store(4,000sqm)unveiled on September 16 and September 17 at Jinan and Jining respectively. 

As their proximity to local residential compounds, two new supermarkets offer distinguished fresh produce and seafood in a pleasant one-stop shopping environment.

At fresh section, an expansive assortment of vegetables such as lotus seedpods, collard greens, bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes are offered. Especially at SPAR Shuijing Garden store, fresh is a key department to differentiate SPAR brand from the competition. Shoppers are very happy to get all sorts of fresh produce at their doorstep. 80% of fresh items available at SPAR stores are directly supplied from the farmlands with good value and quality.

Quality seafood from Weihai port are transported to SPAR stores through cold supply chain in a direct way, allowing shoppers to enjoy seasonal seafood.

Through the international buying program, SPAR Shandong works with suppliers and partners from Europe, American, Australia and Southeast Asia on product developments. In addition to imported wines from Chile and New Zealand, cheese from Australia, pure milk from Germany, the most popular fruity teas, coffee and soft drinks are available here.  

At SPAR, a much wider range of household essentials and daily groceries are supplied in one roof, making life easier and more convenient for the neighborhood residents.

SPAR Yangguang Xinlu Store (6,000sqm)

SPAR Shuijing Garden Store(4,000sqm)

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