Vegetarian Private Label Brand SPAR Veggie

Published on: 2012-04-23
Vegetarian Private Label Brand SPAR Veggie
Motivations to purchase the alternatives available are different but all have one thing in common: it must be delicious to eat. The 20 products in the new SPAR private label range, SPAR Veggie, meet this demand and are also both easy and quick to prepare. All products are marked with the V-label of the European Vegetarian Union.

Environmentally Conscious Living
Some years ago people renouncing the consumption of meat were called 'granivores', today vegetarian food is an expression of a conscious and healthy lifestyle. After all, everyone who eats less meat on a regular basis automatically consumes more fruit and vegetables as well as grain products. Consuming more plant-based food not only affects our health in a positive way but also the environment and the climate. SPAR Veggie is therefore the perfect product line for all flexitarians and full vegetarians. The majority of the SPAR Veggie range products originates from certified organic agriculture, the products are produced in Austria.

Healthy Living
The 20 delicious SPAR Veggie creations ensure variety on the table. The products are easy and quick to prepare and are therefore ideal to integrate into a fast paced daily routine. Despite their Convenience nature, the products support a healthy, low-cholesterol diet. All products are chilled or frozen. The taste convinces even the most demanding connoisseurs. 

Organic Living
The ingredients for vegetable topping in the flavours vegetables, tomato-basil, carrot or hummus (chickpea and sesame seeds) also originate from certified organic agriculture.The toppings go with fresh bread and crispy pepperoni, juicy tomatoes or watercress or can be added to homemade sauces. 

Vegetarians can rely on specific protein sources, often called 'meat substitutes'. In addition to various proteins, SPAR Veggie products contain many other healthy substances as vitamins, iron and calcium.Vegetarian balls, Cordon Bleu, roasted strips, Veggie grill and cold cuts prove that a meatless meal is a real meal. These meals actually come from the meat kitchen but were turned into vegetarian meals through the use of high quality soy products.

Certified Living
For easy orientation, all SPAR Veggie products are marked with the official V-label of the European Vegetarian Union. This certification is recognized across the EU and ensures that the strict requirements are complied with regardless of independent inspections. Furthermore, the label provides the guarantee that the product does not contain meat ingredients.

In addition to the previously launched and successful SPAR Vital range, the new SPAR Veggie range is a welcome addition to the innovative SPAR private label world. The modern packaging design attracts the customers' attention in the shelves. The fresh colours of apple green and charcoal grey contribute to high recognition and enhance the strong brand identity.
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