Watchman for Food Safety

Published on: 2016-11-11
Watchman of Food Safety Wang Xiaohui 2
Watchman for Food Safety: SPAR Shandong Wang Xiaohui
Wang Xiaohui of SPAR Shandong won the pioneering title of “Watchman for Food and Drug Safety” at the excellent people promotion event organized by site of China National Radio (CNR), according to instruction of the Publicity Department of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).  This event is designed to demonstrate the high requirements on national food and drug supervision and administration, new industrial development trends, and communicate the food and drug safety concept “People first, manage and share together, better”.

As a staff for food safety at SPAR Shandong production center, Wang Xiaohui has always attached great importance on food safety, participated in the company’s HACCP and QS auditing and certification process 4 times. He adheres to:

Move the quality management standards to the very beginning of sourcing. With over 2000 fresh produce bases, the company offers consistent management for farmers, trains them with standardized farming and planting procedures, makes it possible to control the food safety and quality from the very start of production. 

Follow the enhanced quality supervision process for fresh produce. SPAR Shandong established a fresh produce quality inspection center at Fresh Warehouse equipped with advanced facilities. All products have to be tested and inspected before entry into the stores. Each product shelved at store level is clearly marked with its original place and quality test results, best and safe choice for our shoppers.

Implement the guidelines of traceability system for agricultural products. Implements digital information management, optimize the operations of goods-receiving, stocking, picking and delivering, carry out standardized operations on goods sourcing, warehouse inventory, logistic distribution and store merchandising, record and manage SKU information in real-name, enhance quality inspection and process control, so as to ensure safe and quality products available for our shoppers.

With careful work attitude and dedicated entrepreneurship, Wang Xiaohui is the excellent watchman for our health and a model for SPAR people. It is our food safety watchman that strongly safeguard shoppers’ health and security. We have many “Wang Xiaohui” followers who dedicate in the sector of food safety. This is a great honor to encourage us to move faster and further. 

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