Weihai Consumer Satisfaction Unit 2015

Published on: 2015-04-03
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SPAR Shandong Awarded Y2015 Weihai Consumer Satisfaction Unit
Weihai 315 Consumer Rights Protection Television Quiz is held at Weihai TV station on March 12th, cooperatively organized by municipal consumer association, civilization construction council, industry and business administration bureau, quality and technology supervision bureau, food and drug supervision bureau. This television quiz is designed to celebrate the first anniversary of new consumer rights law and international consumer rights day March 15th. SPAR Shandong was awarded the title of Y2015 Weihai Consumer Satisfaction Unit.

SPAR Shandong, as the chain store owner specializing in fast moving consumer goods, persists in doing ethical and honest business. It established a dynamic products quality management system, front-end agricultural produces traceable system, national quality and safety testing system, and country-level ethical circulation system, aiming to guarantee and enhance the managing of products quality.

All products available at stores are collective purchased by headquarters, direct supplied by manufactures, and distributed by central distribution center. SPAR Shandong has the strictest standards and work flow for products buying, quality testing and supervision, days of stock reporting, close to expire date products clearance, an efficient way to ensure the quality of products.

SPAR Shandong also developed an agricultural produce planting standards by cooperating with scientific research institutes, set up standards at the very beginning of planting, guide growers how to make standardized production, then the quality of agricultural produce is therefore traceable. What’s more, SPAR Shandong invested and set up an agricultural produce quality testing center equipped with the advanced testing equipments. All products available in stores are tested before entering into sales floor. In addition, SPAR Shandong participates and works as a model unit in the scientific research of “rural consuming goods circulation and demonstration”, which is an essential part of national technology project and to be promoted nationwide.  
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