Xiangling Charity Table-Tennis Tournament

Published on: 2015-11-30
SPAR Guangdong Bring Xiangling Charity Table-Tennis Tournament
The first Xiangling Charity Table Tennis Tournament kicked off at Hengli Sports Stadium, Dongguan on the morning November 14, which jointly organized by Dongguan table tennis association, Hongkong Table Tennis Veterans Association, Hengli Town Gekeng Community Service Center and SPAR Guangdong. This event is designed to mark noteworthy contributions Mr. Xu Xiangling, “Father of Hongkong Social Worker”, “Father of Dongguan Migrant Worker” has made to the society, attracts more than 60 table tennis teams from Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao to join in and make friends with a wider range of people.

Supported and encouraged by people from all walks of life, this event has raised over 1 million yuan for Gekeng Community’s New Migrants Happy Family and Love Program and future Xiangling Charity Table Tennis Tournament, among which, SPAR Guangdong donates RMB 278,760 yuan. 

Hongkong actor Mr. Hu Feng is invited to attend this event in addition to leaders from Dongguan Civil Affairs Bureau, Hengli Town NPC, Dongguan Table Tennis Association, Hongkong Table Tennis Veterans Association and media friends. 60 table tennis teams and players from Hongkong, Macao and Mainland China attend this invitational tournament with great enthusiasm.

Mr. Xu Xiangling’s widow, secretary-general of Gekeng Community Service Center Mrs. Tan Cuilian said: ”we organize this event to mark Mr. Xu’s spirits of sports and commitment to welfare, fostering the spirits of Small City Big Love, enjoying the fun of table-tennis and doing better for the construction of our social welfare system.”

Mr. Hu Feng, aged 83, joined and sang two songs onsite on the day. He said, “ I am pleased to join in this charity event at Hengling Dongguan, it combines Mr. Xu Xiangling memorial part with social welfare activity, caring people donates money for people in need, table tennis lovers have fun by partaking in tournament, and achieved a desired result. I will continue to do more for social welfare business in the future.”

SPAR Guangdong keeps moving forward on the road of social welfare since the initiation of New Immigrant Program in 2011, caring for left-behind children kids whose parent go out for job. In the past four years, to help new migrants in Dongguan to live a better life, SPAR Guangdong has supported this program in different ways by donating property rentals, books, desks and chairs, by setting up poor students subsidiary system, by giving charitable donations. In 2015, SPAR Guangdong’s comprehensively upgraded this program and licensed three new migrants service centers with plaques of "SPAR Jiarong Happiness Garden” , which is a guarantee for the program’s ongoing development. 
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