A look back at 2020

Published on: 2021-01-13
The year 2020 marks a tipping point in human history,
we are fortunate enough to stay safe – survive and defend.

In 2020, thumbs up to our business owners, who 
are able to sustain their businesses despite huge challenges.
They are the heroes performing a great service for our state.

In 2020, thumbs up to yourself, too
who are in sectors essential to the functioning of society,
frontline workers at our retail stores and warehouses.

In 2020, we have over 60 new SPAR stores nationwide 
In 2020, we successfully organized collective buying programs
In 2020, we continued to serve and contribute our shared community
In 2020, we participated in various dialogues among other retail players
What’s past in 2020 is prologue, let’s put it in the context of 2021, 
and keep pushing onward with faith and perseverance.
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