The Benefits of Partnering
By becoming a SPAR Partner, your business will be linked with one of the most established and successful, voluntary food retail trading organizations in the world.

Global Food Retail Brand
SPAR is one of the most recognized grocery retail brands in the world. The combination of global brand recognition with local independence continues to benefit partners worldwide. As a SPAR Partner, you will be exclusively licensed to operate the SPAR Brand in your region. By retaining local ownership, profit and economic growth are re-invested back into local communities, thereby contributing to local development.
Knowledge & Expertise
The sharing of best international practice is a cornerstone of the SPAR way of doing business. Access to information gathered from around the world comes with being a member of SPAR. The support materials available to SPAR Partners cover a wide range of topics within both wholesale and retail. Information is shared via a 24/7 intranet, an extensive conference program and direct contact with key country managers.
Retail Operations
SPAR has an extensive retailer support program to assist SPAR Partners in growing both the retail and supply chain sides of their business. SPAR’s broad range of manuals and workshops support partners in the implementation of world-class retail operation standards. Partners are also provided with access to a comprehensive range of SPAR Private Label products and sourcing opportunities through the SPAR Commercial Sector.
Joint Purchasing
SPAR Private Label range provides partners with exclusive access to a large assortment of SPAR branded products. We also facilitate FMCG A-brand supplier negotiations, resulting in better ranges, prices and conditions. For the non-resalable retail and supply chain equipment,  software and assets, SPAR also helps partners to negotiate better conditions to lower down their expansion cost and optimize assets management.

SPAR Express, from 100 to 300m2, is our format designed for high traffic locations such as petrol stations, airports, bus & railway stations and city centers. It's ideal for smaller sized retail locations, allowing for extended opening hours. Its assortment is focused on convenience, providing shoppers with everything they need when they need it.
SPAR is the original format and as it is operated by all SPAR Partners, is the cornerstone of the SPAR Brand. It is designed for local neighborhoods in both urban and rural areas and provides shoppers with everything they need on a daily basis. With a sales area of 200 to 1,000m2, the flexibility of this format makes it suitable for all retail markets.
Between 1,000 and 3,000m2, EUROSPAR is our larger supermarket format, aiming at weekly family shopping needs, and often found in shopping malls, as stand-alone supermarkets or in city centers where space permits. The larger sales floor allows for a full service assortment both large and varied in fresh, groceries and non-foods, but can also include a strong Food-to-Go offer.
The INTERSPAR Hypermarket is the largest SPAR format with a sales area in excess of 3,000m2. It is focused on being a one-stop shop with the largest selection in both food and non-food items. The format can be adapted to suit standalone, purpose built sites as well as large shopping centres where INTERSPAR can play a standout role in attracting shoppers. The format is particularly successful in Central Europe, China, Russia and India.
With continuous SPAR store expansion in China, the launch of distribution centers helps suppliers distribute their products across the systems quickly and easily.  And the model of centralized delivery helps suppliers save costs for direct delivery and transportation. As one of SPAR's core competitiveness, SPAR in China started to help our members design Distribution Centers in 2008, to coordinate the projects as well as the follow-up launch and operation. By end of 2018, SPAR has accomplished the designing, construction and operation support for 8 Distribution Center, in Beijing, Yantai, Weihai, Songcun, Laiwu, Kaifeng, Chengdu and Dongguan cities.

SPAR Distribution Centers adopt the world's most advanced concepts and processes, with high-level pallet racking and forklifts, to take full advantage of the space and achieve high efficiency. For software, modern warehouse management system (WMS) is introduced to achieve highly efficient management for process, staff and equipment. Meanwhile, via wireless real-time transmission technology, the Distribution Centers could have real-time management and monitoring for receiving, shelving, sorting, collection and shipment of goods. and hand-held terminals and voice terminals help achieve paperless operation for the main process.

5 Phase Retail Development Program

1. Defining Retail Strategy
3 Year Development Plan:
 Retail Development, Supply Chain Development, and CAPEX Definition
2. Brand & Store Launch
Introduce SPAR to Market:
 Brand Launch Campaign, First Flagship Store, Brand Establishment
3. Growing Efficiency
Implement Best International Practice:
Store & Warehouse Operation, Transport Planning
4. Growing Profitability
Implement SPAR Best Practice:
 Buying Capabilities, Private Label Assortment, and Category Management
5. Growing Market Share
Long Term Investment:
 Distribution & Warehouse, Independent Model, Rapid Brand Expansion

Retail Support Package
As a SPAR Partner, your business will have access to an extensive Retail Support Package based on more than 88 years of independent grocery retail experience on a global scale.

Store Design & Development

We work with you to develop the best formats to suit your market. A customised retail proposition tailored to your local market needs will form the basis of a 3-phase store development program, consisting of (1) layout planning options, (2) interior look & feel and (3) detailed development packs. This program will allow you to build SPAR stores that suit the needs of your local shoppers, ensuring the highest possible return per square metre.
Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain network is essential to a successful grocery retail business. SPAR helps partners in the planning and development of efficient and cost effective warehouses, distribution centres and supply chain operations. We also work with you to improve existing supply chains by implementing end-to-end principles that will allow you to service shopper needs in the most efficient way possible.
Retail Operations

In 80+ years of business, SPAR has developed an extensive range of manuals and workshops to help you implement world-class retail operation standards. Once we have worked with you on the roll out of the first SPAR stores, our team of retail operations experts will support you with a range of workshops varying from category management training to instore merchandising and many other topics to ensure the best possible store operations.

SPAR provides licensed partners with access to a comprehensive range of SPAR Private Label products and sourcing opportunities of branded products through its trading division. In addition, SPAR also works together with Partners to develop their own complementary SPAR private label products that meet the needs of the specific local markets., utilizing SPAR International Brand guidelines.
Branding & Marketing

As a partner you will be given the licence to the SPAR Brand and trademarks. To support the establishment of the SPAR Brand in your market you will have access to a wide range of marketing strategies, brand launch material and brand building best practice. SPAR also invests heavily in multiple annual sports sponsorship events, promoting the brand on TV and online to millions of customers.
Staff Training & Consultancy

The commitment of SPAR people to their jobs, their colleagues and the brand is undoubtedly one of the key success factors of SPAR. Partners are supported through ‘Train the Trainer’ programs in HR principles, staff training, staff motivation, and off and online academies.