Published on: 2021-07-09
SPAR announce a new partnership with Guizhou Heli Supermarket Group. The partnership, in place since July 1, will see increased growth through the expansion of SPAR into the Guizhou province.

Guizhou Heli Supermarket Group is a well-known retail chain running over 100 supermarkets, shopping centres and department stores in Guizhou province, located in the Southwest region of China, employing 10,000 people. The company’s knowledge of local markets and targeted consumer groups has built a strong market presence in the region since its establishment in 2000. Guizhou Heli and SPAR’s partnership will see the group continuing to focus on the local market, sharpening its competitive edge in collaboration with SPAR throughout all of Guizhou’s 88 regions, and creating a world-class shopping experience for customers by adopting SPAR’s multiformat strategy.

SPAR International and SPAR China teams shall fully support Guizhou Heli in refreshing their retail business strategies, utilising international proven best practice and expertise in forming a development plan. SPAR's international scale and resources will assist in the design and development of flagship stores which are both innovative and modern. As part of the full refresh, supply chain improvements will also be initiated. In turn, the partner shall further grow SPAR presence in the region.

Mr. Wang Peihuan, the Chairman of SPAR China, commented on the new partnership: “We welcome Guizhou Heli Supermarket Group to join SPAR family. The new partnership marks another step to further grow SPAR in China. We look forward to supporting Guizhou Heli in creating excellent shopping experience for shoppers, utilising home and abroad resources, strengths in large scale and supply chains, as well as our multiformat retail strategy.”

SPAR is the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain and now comprises more than 13,500 stores in over 48 countries and regions on four continents. In 2020, SPAR internationally achieved total retail sales of €39.8 billion from 7.45 million square metres of retail sales areas.

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