SPAR GD's Annual Work Conference

Published on: 2019-03-04
SPAR Guangdong's Annual Work Conference 2019
Wednesday morning, February 20, 2019, SPAR Guangdong organized a work conference at the Distribution Center. Over 300 employee and managers attended this conference to review key achievements in 2018 and to plan for the coming months in 2019.
In the year 2018, SPAR Guangdong expanded its retail business to 10 cities, opened 12 additional locations and achieved 14% increase in retail sales area compared to last year. And this is the third year in a row that the number of employees and the retail sales has increased in the region. Highlights for SPAR Guangdong in 2018: 
• Supply chain: investing in stores, supply chain and workforce 
• Structural growth: driving expansion in four geographical areas 
• Better together: embracing new technology and business models
In response to the changes in retail business and today’s customer demands, SPAR Guangdong shall empower its team, workforce and existing resources to drive sales growth and establish high quality retail stores to keep our customer happy. Back to Basics is the core pillar of our retail strategy. The team brought a Five Year Rolling Plan and Ten Key Strategies at the conference, and stated the top business priorities for the next 12 months.
Key management and department leaders shared their objectives and work plan for 2019 and signed their Work Performance and Objective Agreement at the conference. With strong ambition and confidence, they shall lead the team to move on and start a new journey in the coming five years.
The overall success of SPAR Guangdong in 2018 mainly thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of our people. At this conference, several individuals and teams are acknowledged for their outstanding service and work achievements over the past year. This work conference maps the path forward toward the new retail world. SPAR Guangdong team plans to go ahead with strong commitment. Onboard now, let's sail!

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