SPAR Guangdong unveils three new stores in three cities

Published on: 2020-12-28
On December 25th, the Christmas festival, the partner SPAR Guangdong unveils three new stores in three cities, SPAR Songshanhu Hu’an Garden store in Dongguan, SPAR Shimao Xintiandi store in Zhongshan, and SPAR Juzhou No.1 store, Huazhou, Maoming. 

SPAR Songshanhu Hu’an Garden store in Dongguan

Within an area of 1,600㎡, this food-focused SPAR store offers over 7,500 grocery products like daily staple food, snacks, nonfood, as well as some distinctly unique things at competitive quality and price, catering to the needs of local shoppers.

As a long-awaited SPAR grocery store, this location shares typical SPAR design, wooden fixtures and shelving, warmer light, well-merchandised products, creating a modern yet pleasant shopping environment.

Obviously, this is a perfect destination to shop together with families and friends. It attracts shoppers with choices of snacks, creative household pieces, and casual seats that make it extra cozy and relaxing. Especially in busy and hard times, our shoppers deserve to slow down and have a moment of peace and serenity.

|SPAR Songshanhu Hu’an Garden store
|Add. No.1-3 Unit, No 11 of Nanshan Rd, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Songshanhu, Dongguan, GD

SPAR Shimao Xintiandi store in Zhongshan

On the morning of December 25, excited shoppers, delegates of merchants, government officials, and Mr. Hu Jintai, chairman of SPAR Guangdong witness the opening of SPAR store at Shimao Xintiandi Shopping Center. 

Within an area of 4,000㎡at the 2nd floor of the shopping center, the store provides shoppers with an extensive range of products, including fresh produce, snack food, drinks, cooking sauces, beauty, cleanings, household supplies and more. Modern store design, instore atmosphere, best practices of visual merchandising, convenient services are the distinctive characteristics of the store. 

|SPAR Guangdong Shimao Xintiandi store
|Floor 2, Shimao Xintiandi Shopping Center, No.17 of Zhongxin Avenue, Zhongshan, GD

SPAR Juzhou No.1 store, Huazhou, Maoming

On the same day, the grand opening of SPAR Juzhou No.1 store also brings exciting shopping experience for customers at city of Maoming, after several days of soft opening. 

The No.1 shopping center, owned and operated by the partner SPAR Guangdong, covers a total operating area of 30,000㎡and offers a good variety of shopping, food & beverage, entertainment, leisure facilities, serving over 100,000 residents in surrounding communities. 

|SPAR Huazhou Juzhou No.1 store
| Juzhouyihao Shopping Center, East Beijing Rd. Huazhou, Maoming, GD.

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