SPAR Shandong Yunfeng Store Opens Today

Published on: 2019-08-15
On August 15, SPAR Shandong Yunfeng Store has its grand opening ceremony, with local customers swarming the store after long-waited for several months. Located on the B1 floor of Laizhou Wanjia Shopping Plaza, and right opposite to Laizhou No. 1 High School, SPAR Shandong Yunfeng store covers over 6,000 sales area, now providing a great shopping destination for the huge traffic of customers.

SPAR Shandong stores have always won the favor of local consumers with exquisite product display, and once entering the Yunfeng Store in Laizhou, you will be amazed by the extremely comfortable sensory experience. For customers who come here for the first time, this is a supermarket, a fresh market, and also a restaurant! 

Walking into the wine area, with a variety of exquisite wine furnishings make you feel like you just entered your friend's wine cabinet. The popular snack area with sweet potato chips, imported sweets, all kinds of soda...all you want to eat can be found here! The Baby Care area is also very comprehensive, milk powder, diaper, food supplements and other commodities, and a special space prepared for the babies to play inside! The most important is the fresh area. Different fresh products displayed, with rich colors, visual effects are particularly eye-catching, coupled with the enthusiastic recommendation of our SPAR staff, the shopping experience is even much better.

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